Member Agreement

This Member Agreement (“Agreement”) is entered into by PeopleStrength (“Organization”) and the subscribing Member ("Member"), and comes into effect as of the Member's purchase date.

1. Membership Fees

Subscription fees for Member Services are recurring payments (except where identified as otherwise). The term may be monthly, quarterly, every 6 months or annual, as described in the course of the transaction. Your subscription begins upon payment of a first installment of subscription fees. The subscription renews monthly, quarterly, every 6 months or annually as applicable upon the payment of automatically recurring subscription fees. Fees are charged on the same day of the month that the subscription began. (If a monthly subscription began on the 29th, 30th or 31st day of a month, then membership will renew on the last day of any month that doesn't have as many days.)

2. Membership Payments

PeopleStrength accepts payment via the current payment method indicated at time of purchase, which may include credit card, PayPal, and any other form of payment that we make available to you from time to time. You agree to abide by any relevant Terms of Service or other legal agreement whether with PeopleStrength, Stripe, PayPal or another third party, that governs your use of a given payment processing method. Prices for Member Services may change at any time, and PeopleStrength does not provide price protection or refunds in the event of a price reduction or promotional offering. You agree to pay for any Member Services that you order (except during a free trial period). PeopleStrength will charge your credit card or other form of payment for the price listed on the relevant Member Services offer, along with any additional amounts relating to applicable taxes, bank fees and currency fluctuations. If you purchase any automatically renewing subscriptions, you agree that PeopleStrength will charge the payment method on file on the first day of each billing period for the relevant subscription, and if the payment method on file becomes invalid due to an expired credit card or other similar reason and we are unable to charge you on the next billing period, PeopleStrength reserves the right to immediately revoke your access to any Member Services you have ordered until you update your payment method. If you fail to update your payment method within a reasonable amount of time, PeopleStrength may cancel your subscription.


The Member agrees that they will not:

4. Cancellations and Refunds

You can cancel your Member Services at any time. If you purchase a subscription to Member Services that automatically renews, you may cancel the subscription any time before the end of the current billing period and the cancellation will take effect on the next billing period, except as otherwise communicated to you by PeopleStrength. You will retain access to the Member Services from the time you cancel until the start of the next billing period, and will not receive a refund or credit for any remaining days in your current billing period. Subscription fees paid are final and nonrefundable, unless otherwise determined by PeopleStrength. If PeopleStrength reasonably determines that a user has violated the Membership Terms of Services, PeopleStrength may immediately terminate the subscription and the user’s access to Member Services without notice and without refund. Refund requests should be directed to

5. Liability

The Member will not hold the Organization liable for any tangible or intangible damage that might happen to them while participating in the membership.

The Member agrees that the Organization cannot guarantee any results from their membership. Any negative or positive results that might occur during the membership are the result of the Member’s own personal choices. 

6. Membership Termination

The Organization has a right to terminate the Member’s membership if any of the terms and the conditions of this Agreement are violated. The Member can terminate their membership at any point and for any reason and will not be charged for their next billing cycle.